Warren Industrial Solutions’ Engineering Department houses both Mechanical and Electrical Design Studios.  Having both Studios under one roof enhances collaboration during many phases of various engineering projects.




Some Electrical Design History:

Control Panels

PLC Programming

Complete Assembly Stations

Machines of all sizes

Assembly/Inspection/Quality Control Stations that include Data Acquisition and Barcode Printers

Complete Plating Operations With Data links to Computers to Control the Process



Solid works is used for 3D modeling.



Some Design History:

1) Plating Lines
        A. Strip
        B. Multiple Strand
        C. Rod
        D. Barrel

2) Material Handling Equipment
        A. Accumulators
        B. Payouts and Take-ups
        C. Ergonomic Carts and Work Stations
        D. Conveyer Systems

3) Robotics
        A. Mold Load and Unload
        B. Inspection
        C. Packaging
        D. Pick and Place

4) Automated Inspection Equipment
        A. Vision Systems on Robotic arms
        B. Complete Assembly/Inspection/ Quality control Stations Utilizing:

·         PLC

·         Poka Yoks

·         Ultrasonics

·         Linier Transducers

·         VisionSystems

·         Proximity Sensors