The fifth annual Tech Expo @ Allen Industrial/DXP

This year’s tech expo in Falconer, Ny went extremely well. We didn’t come home with any purchase orders or requests for quotes. However, several exciting contacts in the local industry were made. Reestablished connections as well as new contacts to help keep Warren Industrial Solutions busier than ever. We spoke with Steve and Jerry Meyers of Allen Industrial who are always accommodating and resourceful for many of the items that we must outsource. They also have us at the top of the list for any new opportunities that their other customers throw their way and need outsourced.
Most of the things that the attendees were asking us were truly some of our most basic functions that we perform here. Automation being at the top of the list and close behind material handling and preparation. Even safety and guarding were spoken of at great lengths with a prospector. The fact that we are a one stop shop for a customer’s needs helps us out tremendously. We are constantly trying to add features to our operations to make things better and communicating with these people certainly opened our eyes to more of what industry is driving towards. Cobots once again reared their heads at the expo. Collaborative Robots (Cobot) is certainly something Warren Industrial needs to start getting a grasp on. These robots are cheap in the sense that they protect humans without any question in the field but perform those mindless tasks that we all screw up.

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