The GR-510 CNC Gantry Router by Haas

Warren Industrial Solutions is proud of the quality machines that we use to do work for our customers. We have chosen to use the GR-510 CNC Gantry Router by Hass because of its quality, durability, and effectiveness. The first thing we did with our GR510 is modify the working surface by boring 60 holes through it to accept ball locks. These allow us to rapidly change our work holding devices such as vacuum tables, vices, straps or other customized fixtures per job. The GR-510 CNC Gantry Router features a rigid steel construction and a very stable cutting platform with a standard 1″ thick aluminum table. The traveling guard on this machine keeps the work space clean and also protects the operator from chips and coolant. The GR-510 CNC Gantry Router has 121″ x 61″ x 11″ travels, 40 Taper, 3 Axis, 8.1kRPM, and 10 Tool Capacity. The GR-510 CNC Gantry Router is part of the Haas GR Series and is a machine for large work pieces. The gantry routers on this piece are powerful enough to cut aluminum and other metals and has the speed to cut light materials such as plastic. The gantry series can easily machine small parts by the thousand and handle large sheets as well. This Gantry Router has large-platform CNC Routers for big jobs. Haas designs and manufactures the reliable, high-performance spindles that are part of this superior machine. Standard to this greased machine is 8100-rpm, 10,000-rpm, or 15,000-rpm, and an optional belt drive. The GR-510 CNC Gantry Router also has a standard 10-Station Carousel and the tool changers capacity and speed to minimize your cycle times and fit your budget. This machine also has an option of a 20-Station Carousel. There are Chips & Coolant features and options that will assist your machine in making chips efficiently. This Gantry Router has a coolant system, automatic air gun, programmable coolant nozzle, and minimum quantity lube. The Haas Control is faster and smarter, keeping your spindle turning, features HaasConnect Remote Monitoring, Ethernet Connectivity, User-Definable Macros, DWO/TCPC, Expandable Memory, and WiFi Connectivity. The amount of time that this machine has saved us on some routine jobs is absolutely phenomenal. When you can reduce your material cutting time down from 90 minutes to under 15 minutes of routing, there is just no comparison in productivity. Not only did we save time and increase productivity, but literally put us ahead of schedule significantly on this project allowing us to focus on other projects. Also it freed up a man to do other machining tasks. Jobs that would have been multiple setups for our older machines became just one setup on the GR. Call Warren Industrial Solutions at 814-728-8500 to request your job and we will perform the best work on the best machine for the job.

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