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We machined and assembled all the parts. Now it is time to bring the assembly to life. Using combinations of hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical components, we add controlled behavior to the assembly. Virtually every machine that has lived on our shop floor, for any length of time, requires some form of system control. We use one of three different well-known brands depending on our customer’s needs: Allen Bradley, Unitronics, and Automation Direct software and components.

Our electrical controls engineer has over 50 years of experience programming machines and coupling components together to make the machines behave as we intended. Fifty years brings a lot to the table. With all the new types of hardware available, adding control to a machine is becoming easier and less complex.

Having an extensive background in this industry allowed us to analyze newer technologies to upgrade old components that are either out of date or obsolete during a machine rebuild. Many of our on-site calls are directly related to fixing or modifying control parameters.

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