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Welding Fabrication Information

Metal Fabrication

Warren Industrial Solutions is one of the best providers of welding fabrication and metal fabrication with a broad spectrum of diversity. We weld structural shapes to form the bases and framework for all our custom projects as required. We mill and turn prehardened steel to accommodate our customers’ needs for custom tooling. We preorder and modify off the shelf components and raw materials like 8020 structures to suit our needs. We fab machine base plates and fixture bases out of precision ground aluminum jig plate. More commonly we are always machining 6061 aluminum and SAE-1018 steel to cover the broadest portion of that spectrum. Some materials and components we have to outsource to trusted suppliers that we have built solid reputations with and can get the job done right.

Plastic Fabrication

Here at our shop, there are a great deal of projects that have revolved around our ability to machine, weld and make use of the varieties of plastics out on the market. UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is our go to when surfaces can’t be scratched. Our plating tanks are made from Polypropylene due to the highly corrosive solutions used in those types of processes. Polypro is also used when we have a food grade specification to follow, or even UHMW if a fixture or jig is necessary. Most of our 80/20 guards have custom fit Lexan panels to minimize the risk of injury to an operator or surrounding workers from flying parts or debris. Delrin is another great plastic to use for 3D machining when surface appearances aren’t as critical or when shape and deflection become any important characteristic that we are looking for in a fixture or jig.

Our Fabrication Projects

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