D7 Dual Strand Accumulator – Job #1275 2018-07-12T19:24:01+00:00

Project Description

Warren Industrial Solutions designed and built a Dual Strand Take-Up Accumulator System for our customer’s D-7 plating line. A new S-Drive pulls strip thru the plating line at a 50-fpm maximum followed by the accumulator tower. The new S-Drive is wired to the existing motor drive. A counter-weight tower with 50+ feet of accumulation follows without strip guarding. The trolley has three fixed in-line pulleys and two bottom fixed in-line pulleys. Following the tower is a one-way bearing pulley and then another S-Drive that is controlled by the tower’s linear transducer and will lead into the customer supplied palletizer take-up equipment. The customer supplied the drive pulley rubber sleeves for the project. Soft polyurethane pinch rolls were used on both S-Drives and they are pneumatically actuated and adjustable for tension.

Electrical controls for the system are relay logic with standard push buttons. Each strand has an individual controls panel located in an operator friendly position. Pneumatic controls are nearby for pinch roll tensioners. Electrical power requirements were 208-volt single phase.

Project Details