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Project Description

Warren Industrial Solutions is offering to design and build a DTNA 38N Radiator Leak Test Cell for the TitanX – Saltillo Mexico plant based on the “RFQ OC Assy Warren Industrial” document dated September 11, 2015 from Lee Foster. The 14 page document covers all of the requirements and expectations of the new equipment and the costs quoted are based on meeting them. The Stanley DC Torque equipment recommended for this project is the EB34LB1-55 Inline Tool with 55Nm max torque and QB3001-XXV controller with 24vdc I/O and Ethernet capabilities. The floor mount torque reaction arm will be built by Air Center which is our supplier for the Stanley DC Torque equipment. It will have a 72” reach with 18” of vertical travel. The normal, heavy-duty Warren Industrial Solutions design philosophy with keeping things simple will be applied. The general design will keep everything modular in design for quick and easy on-site re-assembly. Drawings will be sent for TitanX Engineering approval before construction begins.

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