Lens Press Die Set with stand – Job #1265/1279 2018-07-12T17:34:40+00:00

Project Description

Warren Industrial Solutions designed and built one left hand and one right hand turnkey headlight lens  stapler die-sets. We quoted the die-sets included, because of major design concerns over just adding stapler automation to customer built die-sets. Studying past die-sets built by WIS and known dimensions, available space and interference with the stapler automation would require a complete design from the beginning of the project to eliminate unpredictable levels of rework. With the stapler automation, loading the housing and lens into the fixture was expected to be more difficult than normal and the housing will be higher than normal. There are concerns that with the higher housing, because of the stapler automation, that a shorter press stoke might need to be used. Eight stapler units were needed per headlight. The stapler automation is entirely pneumatic with the stapler horizontally traveling into the housing and actuation of the stapler all performed by one cylinder. Fiber optic sensors used to will detect low staple levels. Other diagnostics and error-proofing related to the stapling was integrated into the Lens Press Unit.

Project Details