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Project Description

Warren Industrial Solutions is offering to “build to print” a quantity of (1) and (2) WL-13 Combo Welder Machines, mechanically complete to our customers supplied Tool # WL-13 drawings, The electrical panel build, machine wiring & PLC programming and de-bugging will be the responsibility of the customer. The customer will be responsible for all of the pneumatic components and assembly. The machine structure / guard will be provided with ¼” Lexan captured in the 80-20 extrusion. The guarding will be up to 24” taller than the current drawings and the top of the guarding will be enclosed as much as possible with Lexan. All exposed 80-20 slots will be fitted with plastic trim to eliminate areas that can capture dust. The steel base structure along with other steel machined parts will be painted with black epoxy paint and a clear coat will be applied. If additional help would be needed to furnish a more turn-key machine, we have the resources to assist.

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