Staple Detection Cell – Job #1305 2018-07-12T17:14:06+00:00

Project Description

WIS designed and built this inspection station for a local headlight manufacturer. The inspection station’s purpose was to ensure that eight staples had been fired from the Lens Press Die Set that precedes in the assembly line for this particular headlight. We used Unitronics logic components and software on this station. If all eight sensors detect the staple, an accept screen pops up for the user to acknowledge and the information is sent to the customer’s quality system. A failure will bring a screen up of what staple is missing displayed as a red dot whereas the staples that have been detected are green dots. Numbering scheme for the staples matches the die set staplers. The operator can then take the headlight with the missing staple to the lens press die set and operate the unit manually to fire the staple that is missing from the correct stapler. All of the information that this inspection station generates creates data for stations down the line so as to prevent and bad parts from getting mixed up and sent to their customers.

Project Details